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Republica Dominicana

Dominican Republic is a country in Central America, northern Caribbean Sea, located in the east of the island of Hispaniola. It was declared the most beautiful land in the New World. Ribs mountainous island décor of dramatic beauty, culminating peak Pico Duarte (3175 m). About 20% of the territory is protected in nature reserves of flora and fauna, which is why the export of certain species of plants and animals is prohibited. Tourism offers in the Dominican Republic in particular beauty is all about beaches and islands but also favorable conditions throughout the year for an exotic vacation on the beach, in a distant destination. Hotels, villas and Dominican pensions are known for cheap prices and rates applied, although cruises in the Caribbean are still considered luxury. Social turmoil compensaza with sincerity and hospitality of the inhabitants and tourists proposed by tourist special offers, and other states beyond those on the north coast known as Amber Coast. A mini city break holiday in the largest city Santo Domingo Dominican colonial charm and beauty will reveal this port city with many night clubs, shops and casinos. Punta Cana lies on the east coast of the Dominican Republic to known Bavaro beach. Long sandy beaches bounded by endless alleys with palm trees and turquoise sea, are among the finest in the Caribbean. The seabed is covered in fine sand. It offers a huge number of hotels, shopping centers and wonderful conditions for sport, fun and recreation. It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday. Boca Chica is a summer resort that lies within strolling distance from the capital Santo Domingo. Due to the small distance so come here to relax and locals in the company to which you can spend real moments of life typical of the Caribbean. You will find here a lot of fun and a very lively nightlife. Samaná peninsula in the north is the Dominican Republic. In this village you will find unspoiled sandy beaches and endless palm forests. Do not expect the big tourist centers. Here you will find a peaceful atmosphere, even sleeping taste that those who want to relax and rest during their vacation. Bayahibe is located south - east of the island. This center is suitable for all those seeking a quiet holiday. Fine sandy beaches surrounded by crystal blue sea. The nearby Saona and Catalina islands located, which are composed of coral formations that attract by their netingerea the opportunity to spend a day swimming and relaxing feeling that you're away from civilization. Bávaro is one of the most luxurious and sought after centers of the Dominican Republic. The beaches surrounded by palm trees and luxury hotels and satisfy the wishes of the most discerning guests. It offers many selections of social and sports activities. Bavaro beach belongs to the complex of Punta Cana beaches. Juan Dolio is located less than 50 km east of the capital Santo Domingo. This center boasts a beautiful coastal reefs and sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees. Near this village is Haistises or Saona Island Reserve, whose surroundings are favorite diving lovers. In the Dominican Republic awaits you during the year, summer weather. In this climate triopicală winter temperatures vary around 26 degrees, and in summer around 34 degrees. During two periods of rain here, ie May-June and October-November. Therefore, pay attention to this aspect when selecting your holiday. In June, August and September hurricanes may occur Ste here, but you should not worry in this regard that the warning is for a few days before, and all hotels will be ready. The dry region you will find in the south-west of the country and the area with the most rainfall is in Samana peninsula. The tropical climate is influenced by trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Local currency is Dominican pesos - RDS, which is divided into 100 centavos. Here are issued banknotes worth 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 pesos. They have the same size, but differ in color, but which by durable get to delete, so we suggest you pay attention banknotes! Here 5 coins and 1 peso, which in turn are divided into 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 centavo. Under 50 censtavos there is not much use having rather value to collectors. To travel you will not need any special vaccination, but should have enough medication with you that you use daily, especially against insects solutions. Change the time zone may affect to some extent sensitive persons a period of 2-3 days. The easiest way to overcome this inconvenience if you stay awake longer.

Food in Dominican Republic

The cuisine of the Dominican Republic is not among those that would gourmets visa. This simplicity to show the true lifestyle of Dominicans. One of the most common dishes is banano Platano, which is prepared as a vegetable or side dish. Certainly it is not the type of banana which we are accustomed. Lunch lasts about 2 hours as locals siesta link. Usually prepared chicken and garnish the most common is rice with beans. Fish and seafood are among the most expensive dishes here. For locals is specific comida Criolla - Creole cuisine, combining the influences of Indian cuisine with African, Spanish and South American. Food items such as sancocho or so-called "food from one bowl", which contains three kinds of meat marinated in spices and cooked with sauce with vegetables (tomato, onion, garlic) and served with rice and beans. Another specialty is fried chicken - Pollo chicarrones. Regarding fish cooking, here is the leader of coco pescado - fish with coconut. Sweets preferences are not among locals, it is enough to sweeten their day with only fruit, syrup or bizcocho - pudding or rice cakes. In international hotels serve international cuisine, so no need to worry that you may not like local specialties. Favourite drink beer and rum remains of the locals. Beer is surprisingly tasty and prepared drinks like rum pina colada or Cuba Libre. The most common non-alcoholic drink coconut juice is.

Culture in Dominican Republic

As each village has its St., celebrated almost every week. It is celebrated through song, dance and marches masked men. The most popular celebrations held in late May in El Seibo and Santa Cruz de Mago. Much curiosity feasts mythical - religious "ga-ga" which takes place during the Easter holidays in thatched villages in the region. During February you can enjoy the carnival in Santo Dominguo, accompanied by parades. In the city of La Vega, takes place every Sunday afternoon in February, so called Diablos Cojuelos parades. In San Pedro de Macorís and in so-called Santiago Guloyas place called Lechones masked promenades. Each region is distinguished by its masks and walks. The celebrations and carnivals take place in December in Samana and La Romana. When switching occurs between July and August music festival and dance Merengue in Santo Domingo.

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Landmarks in Dominican Republic

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